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Albena Resort
The AQUAMANIA story This is our space ship, this is our home for centuries, this is our stronghold, this is our future... Her Majesty AQUA MANIA. We traveled across the Universe, we jumped between galaxies, we searched every known planet....and finally, when any hope was lost and all resources depleted , we found it... a world full of water, life and joy – the most desired and dreamed of...terra aqua. We were stunned at the exuberance of water around us. Water in any and all forms. Rivers swaying around beautiful trees (lazy river), streams dashing in rocky canyons (wild river), fountains exploding in color and forms (pilgrim fountain), bridges carved in millennium rocks. Soon we found out, we were not the first to discover this divine place. Others had left their traces. We found a large Outpost with a mysterious transport device. Though we never understood how to activated it, it became a perfect place for contemplation and relaxation with a cold galaxy juice in hand. The place has been a cross point for many space ship routs. Many have left there stories on the walls of the Galaxy Pilot's Bar. Next to it is the stoned machine we called the Star Thunnel. A device that lets your body wander in space free as water balloon. We were fascinated, so we decided to stay and leave our trace here, too... We called our friends form the planet P.R.O-S'lide to help us build the most elaborated sliding device – TOWER 1 X-lift, introducing the most thrilling slides in the Milky Way... Together with the extraterrestrials from BW-T-Solar ring, they helped us establish the Star Dust Splash Pad with the most extraordinary water spays in the Coriva Belt, letting free the imagination of our babies... We changed the Baboa Lagoon in a play area for our children. We helped them prepare for the journey to the stars with the Turtle Space Deck and dozen of adventure slides, that made them feel in space. When they were ready, we prepared the final challenge Last Stand Pond. This is the place for the final exam. Once they pass the drop slides, the water cannons and flower sprays, climb to the top of the Asteroid and have the free fall splash, then they are free to join the relaxing waters of the rivers and enjoy the numerous water features and surprises, get the feeling of water mighty moods in the rocky canyons, see a different perspective through the Crystal Mine glazed shaft. So this is the story of our quest. Though the energy tanks of our space craft are full, we decided to keep her down and stay in this water paradise. You are welcome to join us. Captain of Her Majesty AQUAMANIA
  • Area: 30000 m2
  • Year: 2013
  • Client: ALBENA PLC