ARCHEON Architects & Engineers

ARCHEON Architects and Engineers is a Kutsarov Company etablished in 1990. For almost two decades we have created a diverse portfolio of projects for our many and varied clients. Although the buildings we have created suit the specific requirements of each individual project and the materials we employ vary, the core architectural, environmental and social values that distinguish our work have remained constant. We strive to shape every project we undertake around the vision of its purpose and aspirational goals. Fundamental to this visioning approach is the creation of ideas-based original work that ultimately gives each project its unique physical expression. In every project there is a commitment
to performance, pursuing the realization of ideas, informed by well researched expertise, driven by creative imagination, and executed in a spirit of partnership with our clients and the entire project delivery team. Our main goal is to be one of the finest design and project delivery firms,contributing to a built environment that enhances human culture, improving the quality of life wherever we work. To create a unified, stimulating and rewarding environment that makes outstanding people fight to join and love to stay. Our Core Values are honesty, integrity, fairness and courage, experimentation, creativity and innovation, collaboration, mutual support, caring and respect for people, personal productivity. Our clients are our most
important partners.
As guiding principle we seek to work with clients who share our commitment to quality, and enhearten the development of long-term relationships based on the trust we earn through our performance.We seek to
align ourselves with our clients' goals, delivering services that consistently meet their quality, schedule and cost objectives.
We commit ourselves to a
process of continuous quality improvement, using the power of our imagination, knowledge,
and experience to contribute to our clients' success. We commit ourselves to the conservation of resources, protection of the environment, and implamentation of sustainable design.